STEAM On The Road-PTA Family Nights

AAALC certified teachers bring STEAM to your PTA program, preschool, summer camp, afterschool or extended day program. Serving Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach County, All About Achieving offers a variety of programs and plans that include all materials, supplies, technology and a certified teacher who specializes in STEAM education. Agencies can choose one of the following options:

PTA Family Night Programs

Designed for up to 500 students and families, K-5, PTA Family Night Programs provide certified teachers and experts in the field to create opportunities that expand on science technology, engineering and math activities. Minecraft Education, Coding, Dissection, Hands on Math and Science, Interactions with Community Resource Partners and other things. Program topics include: Inside the Human Body, Commotion in the Ocean, Fairy Tales, Eager Engineers, Out of This World, It's a Zoo Out There and Farm Days!
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75 Minutes of STEAM

Designed for up to 20 students, K-5, 75 Minutes of STEAM provides opportunities to expand on science technology, engineering and math activities right in your classroom. Program topics include engineering, robotics, chemistry, physical science, animal antics and more!


Designed for up to 20 students, K-5, STEAM Six Is a six week program that takes a deeper dive into STEAM  concepts. Programs will come weekly on a set schedule, working with a group of students who build on concepts learned the previous week. All 75 Minute of STEAM programs can be adjusted to include STEAM Six along with the addition of other popular programs such as Stop Motion Movie Making.

Pint Sized Science

Preschool children will learn science concepts through these special programs for preschoolers. Pint Sized Science offers programs that focus on various STEAM themes that are perfect for big minds and little hands!

STEAM Into The Community

AAALC in invested in our Treasure Coast Community. Do you have a nonprofit organization, school or program that would like to request a AAALC provide a booth or activity for parents and children at an upcoming event? Based on availability, AAALC will attend, FREE of charge, to bring hands on STEAM programs to you! We also provide baskets, donations and other items for auction that can be given to participants via an auction or drawing. STEAM Into the Community brings these specially-designed activities to you to support causes that benefit the community and build partnerships with surrounding organizations, all while promoting STEAM education! Fundraising opportunities for local nonprofits are also available on site at AAALC! To inquire,
Contact Us and a staff member will respond within twenty four hours.

Book Your Program

To schedule a program at your site, please review the options available, Contact Us and a staff member will get back to you within twenty four hours to answer any questions concerning the programs and schedule your event.
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