SAT Course Description

SAT and ACT Prep can be scheduled individually by contacting the office at 341-1400. The cost is $68/hour. AAALC recommends 6 two hour sessions and requests any previous test results be provided when available.
Private tutoring for SAT and ACT can be scheduled via Private Tutoring.
"My other kids have taken SAT prep with varying results but not as dramatic as these. There is no magic bullet; the kids have to put in the work, but your program is the best we've seen and fun as well. That 200 points puts her in a really good spot for college admissions." -SM
"Thank you for building my daughter's confidence and skills. She learned a lot going into her third attempt at the SAT and it made a difference. She enjoyed the class tremendously and was able to reach her goal." -DP
"We were thrilled that Jill* finally achieved her science goal for the ACT. Going from a 15 to a 22 was completely unexpected! Thank you so much for all your work with our daughter." -BC
“I’m realizing how much I like math. I get lost in my thoughts because I’m enjoying what we’re doing." -AP