75 Minutes of STEAM

Bringing STEAM to you....
Students are actively engaged with a certified teacher working with hands on programs that provide minds on learning! 75 Minutes of STEAM introduces new concepts or can expand on programs or themes that are already in progress at your site.
Each program accommodates up to 20 children and can be adapted to fit a 60 minute period.
  • Single programs: $200
  • Double programs running consecutively: $375
  • Three or more programs running consecutively: $175/per program
Travel fees may apply for distances greater than 20 miles.
Choose from the following programs:
Chaotic Chemistry
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Chemistry, Forces, Interactions, States of Matter, Structure, Properties, Energy, Physical Science, Ecology and Environmental Science
  • What is peanut butter without jelly? Why can't oil and water get along? Did Kermit and Miss Piggy ever fall in love? Students will discover the explosive combinations that result when chemistry is at work. What substances create something new and different? Which ones don't like each other? This program will be provided with goggles, lab coats and lots of excitement! Different experiments such as an exploration of color and light, states of matter and rocket launches, are provided based on the ages/grade levels of the children but no one leaves disappointed and most leave with a special concoction or experiment to take home and share!
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Robotics, Engineering, Technology, Coding
  • Based on their age and skill levels, participants will build and program various types of robots. Some will use Lego bricks to build alligators, helicopters, bunnies, ferris wheels, birds and more, programming each to move and make sounds, while other may build a robot from a used soda can. This program is adjusted to the needs of the students but engages each in the challenging world of robotics.
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Engineering, Forces, Motion, Energy, Scientific Processes 
  • Students will be provided with opportunities to test their skills building structures, understanding how motion below, around and above them create instability and testing various ways to make structures more sound. The complexity of the program varies based on the age of participants. While young children may build three houses for the wolf to blow down, older children will create structures that can hold weight in excess of the structure and record reactions and stabilizing features. 
Animal Antics!
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Observation, Behavioral Science, Life Science, Organisms, Adaptations
  • Lions, tigers and bears....not quite! But young scientists can join AAALC for some Animal Antics as they explore the world of live animals. This STEAM program integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math activities while working with fuzzy, furry, scaly, wet and slithery creatures. They will engross young zookeepers in a variety of animal explorations. Young mathematicians may measure distance as they jump like frogs while budding entomologists observe how strong the smallest creatures of the earth can be! Older biologists will experience more advanced science processes and be provided with opportunities to experiment with animal adaptations and behavior. Some will extract DNA from various things such as eggs, strawberries and bananas! Activities and animals will vary based on time of year. Please be aware that children will be interacting with live animals at each session and the program will vary based on the age of the group.
Gross Science!
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Physical Science, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Properties, States of Matter
  • Students should expect a lot of icky, sticky, gooey, slimy, dripping, digging while studying some truly gross science. Beware of blood curdling ewwwws and groaning ugggggs as we get dirty discovering some of the disgusting, albeit fascinating, science that surround us!
Electrifying Electricity!
  • Grades K-6
  • Big Ideas: Circuits, Conductors, Insulators, Electrical Energy, Scientific Processes
  • Students will invent, design and experiment with energizing projects! Students will be challenged to solve problems related to electricity, building a variety of circuits, applying physical principles and designing devices to solve real world problems. 
NOTE: Many additional programs are available and can be provided in 75 Minutes of STEAM sessions based on a theme or request. Should your site want something specific related to science, technology, engineering, arts or math, options can be discussed during the initial call. 
For more information Contact Us and staff will reply within 24 hours.