Palm Beach County Summer Camps

Baseball + STEAM = FUN! (Roger Dean Stadium Partnership)

AAALC and Roger Dean Stadium have partnered to bring baseball and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) together for a world class experience! Campers will spend the week at Roger Dean Stadium completing STEAM activities both on and off the field. Students will use baseball to study balance, motion, geometry, mathematics and much more. Campers will be divided by age group and will spend half the day on the field and half the day off. On the field they will experience the STEAM behind the game of baseball and experiment with different angles, positions, equipment and more. Off the field they will work in a skybox and complete hands on science that supports on field lessons. Campers will receive a 30 minute lunch break in the Cool Zone. On Thursday of camp week, students will participate in Splash Day at the stadium, complete with bounce houses and water wars! Students will get wet. Each camper will also enjoy a baseball game from the AAALC skybox. Parents can join their child for game day but must purchase a ticket at the box office. 

AAALC recommends the Knothole Gang Membership to any family that enjoys summer and baseball! This is offered by Roger Dean Stadium and provides each child with a free baseball game, hot dog, chips and a drink each Tuesday night during the summer. Other discounts and prizes are also part of the membership. To join the Knothole Gang, go to Roger Dean Stadium’s website at


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