Beginning Keyboarding/Handwriting Courses


Summer camps, classes and programs are OPEN for registration. As we monitor changes in the guidelines provided by local, state and national officials, as well as the CDC, we are moving forward with all Summer Program
Registration. We will offer full refunds for cancellations resulting from COVID-19 policies and are putting numerous safety measures in place so that students will remain in small groups without mixing with others during the program. Our numbers have always been limited with an average of 6 students per class. We will not be allowing any parents in the building and have created guidelines for drop off, pick up and keeping children separated within our 8400 square foot facility. We have several entrances to help with this. A complete list of Summer Guidelines will be sent to each registered family in late May. We will continue to monitor this virus and recommendations from officials. Please reach out via phone at 772-341-1400 or email at if you have questions. Be safe and well!

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June 8 -  July 29          Monday/Wednesday        5:30pm-6:00pm 

Beginning Keyboarding teaches students in entering grades 3-8 keyboarding skills through muscle memory. This course will help students build a knowledge of keyboard placement of letters and numbers, develop keyboarding skills and prepare to begin increasing keyboarding speed. Students will learn basic keyboarding skills through touch typing, understanding where the keys are through muscle memory not sense of sight. By the end of the course students will know the keyboard and be ready to begin working on speed. 

June 8 -  July 29          Monday/Wednesday        5:30pm-6:00pm  

Manuscript/Cursive Handwriting Course will teach children entering grade K through 6 the mechanics of either print or cursive handwriting based on their age and specific developmental level. Students will be provided with instruction in proper letter formation. Participants will receive practice activities to utilize between classes and will complete related activities. 

Summer Climb Courses immediately follow these classes.
For more information, click on the link below or visit Summer Climb: Preventing Summer Slide

PLEASE NOTE:  Please adhere to the age restrictions placed on each class. If a class is unavailable for registration then it is full. To be placed on the Waiting List please contact 341-1400. There is a $35 fee for cancellations or changes that occur more than two weeks prior to class. AAALC cannot issue a refund for any classes cancelled within two weeks of the class start date unless there is a waiting list. A $35 fee will be charged for any adjustments made due to a wait list replacement. Space is very limited and AAALC wants to accommodate all budding tech wizards! Thank you for your understanding. No classes will be held the week prior to July 4.