Algebra Summer Prep Course

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This five week program is targeted for students who will enter Algebra in the Fall of 2019. Homework will be provided between classes to support skills introduced in class. Algebra Summer Studies will meet from 6:00pm-7:00pm Tuesdays/Thursdays. No class will be held the week of July 4. 
Below is a general outline of topics; however, the instructor will amend instruction based on the skill/needs level of registered students. 
Pre-Algebra Summer Studies Prep Course
Taught by Tanya Chardon - Limit 12 students
Week 1
Multiplication Tables; factoring; divisibility rules
Week 2
Order of Operations
Rates, Ratios, Proportions
Distributive Property
Week 3
Equations and Inequalities 
Linear Equations – graphing using table
Slope and Y-intercept 
Week 4
Powers and Exponents
Scientific Notation
Week 5
Multiplying monomials/polynomials
Quadratic Formula?

Pre-Geometry Summer Studies Prep Course
Taught by certified teacher Tanya Chardon - Limit 12 students
Week 1
Order of Operations, Integers
FOIL, multiplying monomials/polynomials
Week 2
Quadratic Formula
Week 3
Square Roots, perfect squares
Simplifying radicals
Week 4
Formulas; solving  for a variable
Reference Sheet Practice: area, surface area, volume
Week 5
Conditional Statements