Bridges Montessori Robotics Program

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Who? Bridges Students-Grades K-4
What? Lego WeDo Robotics
When? Tuesdays, April 14 - May 17   3:15pm - 4:15pm
Where? Bridges Montessori Campus
Why? STEAM Programs that include engineering, coding and other skills are critical to student success, engaging them through mental, tactile and social challenges involving critical thinking skills and teamwork. 

April 17:  Flying High

Students will discover what a Weebot is and the basics of LEGO robotics.  They will meet two of our favorite LEGO characters, Max and Mia, and will learn some new scientific vocabulary along the way. Students will build and program a helicopter, learning to follow step by step directions then taking off on their own as they program it to move in various ways.

April 24: Ferris Wheel Fun

When you can’t take a trip to the fair, build your own! Students will build and program a working ferris wheel to understand the mechanisms in place that make it move. Can their creation hold 3, 4, 5 or more seats and how does that impact the device? 

May 1: Sailing the Seven Seas

This boat doesn’t float but these engineers will build and design a boat along with a device that creates a wave like motion to help the boat move, similar to the ocean waves.

May 8: Seesaw Fun

How is weight distributed on a seesaw and what makes it go up and down? Students will build and program and seesaw that moves based on the coding created by the students. Redistributing specific parts and observing the impacts of changes on the motion will be almost as exciting as the real thing!

May 15: Parkour

It’s a free for all! Students will work with Lego materials to build a program a model of their choice to present to the group. Who can come up with the most unique design? Which design is the most complicated? Who used the most pieces or created the most complex coding pieces? Creativity is key!


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