PreK/Kindergarten STEAM Classes

PreK-Animal Antics STEAM Programs

Lions, tigers and bears....not quite! But young scientists can join us for some Animal Antics as they explore the world of live animals. This PreK STEAM program integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math activities while working with fuzzy, furry, scaly, wet and slithery creatures. There are two sessions and each meets for four weeks. They will engross young zookeepers in a variety of animal explorations. Young mathematicians will measure distance as they jump like frogs while budding entomologists observe how strong the smallest creatures of the earth can be! Two sessions, consisting of four classes each, will be offered with different activities in each session. Please be aware that children will be interacting with live animals at each session.
Ages: 4-6 years old                                                Times: 1:15pm-2:45pm                                          Cost: $50
Session 1:  Thursday, February 9 - Thursday, March 2
Session 2:  Thursday, March 23 - April 13

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