Weebots in the Classroom

All About Achieving Learning Centers uses Lego Education WeDo™ materials to provide 90 minute lessons incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math . Students work together in small groups to build and program working models. Once programmed, students use the model for different purposes, experimenting with programming techniques. These educational opportunities encourage students to develop broader communication and language skills through cross curricular projects. Extension activities are provided to classroom teachers to enhance reading, writing and language goals. Experienced certified teachers bring the materials and technology into the classroom of up to 24 students, ages 7 and up. In an effort to support widespread use of Lego Education WeDo™, classroom teachers are welcome to observe or participate in the lessons.
Program Guidelines
We provide all technology, equipment and materials.
Lessons are taught by certified teachers.
Classroom teachers receive educational Extension Activities to utilize in class or send home with the students.
Program fees are paid for by the parents or PTA .
1st grade–Spring Appointments
$165.00 fee for up to 20 students.
2nd - 5th grade
$150.00 fee for up to 24 students.
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Reservations must be made at least one month in advance. AAALC can conduct up to three 90 minute classes a day. A minimum of two sessions per day is requested.
Focus on Themed Activities
Amazing Mechanisms: Technology Focus
Program and create a working model, interpret 2D and 3D illustrations, compare natural and mechanical systems, use software media to aquire information and demonstrate knowledge of operation of digital tools and technology systems.
Wild Animals: Physical Science Focus
Understand the transfer of energy, simple machines, complex motion, friction, fair test criteria and the needs of living animals.
Play Soccer: Mathematics Focus
Apply measurement concepts such as time, length, diameter, rotational speed and distance. Understand and use numbers to represent the type of sounds played and measure qualitative characteristics.
Adventure Stories: Language Focus
Communicate in spoken and written form. Prepare and deliver a demonstration using a model. Sequence and create a story including main characters. Use technology to create and communicate ideas.