PTA Family Night Programs

Commotion in the Ocean!
Dive into this STEAM night event based on the popular book written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by David Wojtowcyz. Experience earth’s beautiful oceans through microplastics experiments, robotics, ocean art, LEGO aquatica adventure, touch tank and more! 
Inside the Human Body
Participants will take a trip through the human body with a variety of hands-on learning activities such as the five senses, virtual reality inside the human body, muscle mastery, dental hygiene and much more!
STEAM Into Fairy Tales
Enter into some of your favorite fairy tale stories through a variety of hands-on activities such as building the houses for the Three Little Pigs, Learning about Ilsa’s Snowflakes, seeing how Rapunzel escaped her tower, Fairy Robotics, virtual reality and more!
Eager Engineers
Experience the world of engineering through hands-on STEAM activities such as coding, circuits, building with a variety of materials, pulleys, Rube Goldberg machines, robotics and more!
Out of This World
Blast off into this STEAM night as families participate in hands-on activities that will take them out of this world. Participants will experience space through rocket launching, moon craters, virtual reality, constellations and much more!
It’s a Zoo Out There!
Experience the zoo in a whole new way as you participate in STEAM activities such as candy camouflage, minecraft habitats, designing their own animal, animal poop, virtual reality safaris, robotics and more!
Farm Days
Put on your working boots with these STEAM activities! Participants will have hands-on experiences as they learn about the world of worms, animal life cycles, create their own animal, meet live animals and more!
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