Dyslexia/Visual Processing Services

Dyslexia/Visual Processing Services

Visual Processing, Dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia resources are available through the Wilson Reading Program and/or Irlen Screening.

Certified Wilson Tutors are available to assess students to determine whether they would benefit from the Wilson program. Once assessed, each family will receive a formal report and, if warranted, will be offered the option of scheduling with a Wilson teacher. Availability is limited and there can be a waiting list.

“The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is the flagship program of Wilson Language Training® and the foundation of all other Wilson programs. WRS is an intensive Tier 3 program for students in grades 2-12 and adults with word-level deficits who are not making sufficient progress through their current intervention; have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies and require multisensory language instruction; or who require more intensive structured literacy instruction due to a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia.”  https://www.wilsonlanguage.com/programs/wilson-reading-system/

Sarah, a local education advocate certified in the Irlen Method, has joined All About Achieving Learning Centers as an Irlen Screener. She is certified to administer the first testing session to provide information to families and determine whether Irlen Spectral Filters may help. More information on Irlen Syndrome can be found at https://www.irlensyndrome.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7sDlBRC9ARIsAD-pDFp9A1edbFipPKUV0xSmvCratYnGg_tWHZSaYlXglaALaMdgwYar8y0aAiE7EALw_wcB

A Wilson Assessment takes one hour to complete and requires the student to be dropped off at the center. A report is generated within 48 hours and provided to the parent with recommendations regarding next steps.

An Irlen Screening lasts 1.5 hours and requires a parent to be present. Many adults often wish to schedule a screening as well as this can be a hereditary condition.

Please note that there are fees to cover associated costs. To find out more information or schedule a Wilson Assessment or Irlen Screening, please contact the office at 341-1400.