FAQ & Event Scheduling

How far will AAALC travel?
AAALC certified teachers will travel up to thirty miles from the facility. This reaches up  to the northern part of St. Lucie County down to North Palm Beach.
Is there a travel charge?
There is no charge for travel within thirty miles of the facility. Travel further than that will incur a charge if the organization doesn’t have more than one program per visit. Organizations that request half day or full day programs that serve several groups of students back to back, may not incur a charge.
What kind of space do you require?
For some programs, we require wifi access. For all programs, classroom space large enough to accommodate the number of students served in each program, similar to what would be required in a standard classroom.
How do I know what will work best for our population?
After you complete a Contact Us form, a staff member will contact you to get your program details and assist you with choosing a program that fits your needs, budget and time constraints.
How do I book a STEAM on the Road program?
Complete a form at Contact Us. A staff member will contact you within 24 hours to answer questions and request the following information.
  • Preferred date(s) and time(s) and location
  • Group grade level and number of attendees
  • Selected Program(s)
  • Special Needs/Requests
  • Questions?
  • Contact and billing information