July 24-28: Array of Arts, Robotics, CSI-Crime Scene Investigation, Pokemania & Minecraft Zany Zoo

Date: Mon, Jul 24, 2023, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jul 24-28, 2023

Category: Summer Camp

Main Campus
Located at 43 SW Monterey Road  Stuart

Array of Arts & Crafts (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades PreK- 8th)

Campers learn how to make soap, jewelry, bath bombs, pillows, dreamcatchers, cards, paper and much more as they discover the beauty of working with their hands to create unique things. Campers will take home their final projects to share with family and friends.

Robotics/Coding (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades PreK - 8th)

Robotics and coding are becoming critical parts of the lives of today's youth. Youth are being prepared for jobs that don't yet exist and need to be able to think, create and inspire! Robotics builds science, technology, engineering and math skills, providing students with real world experiences. Campers will practice thinking critically about problems and solutions while developing programming skills and team building. AAALC robotics programs begin as young as kindergarten and encourage students to continue through high school and beyond. Robotics is a program provided based on the age and skill of the campers. It uses Spike Prime, EV3 and Lego Education WeDo™ materials to provide lessons incorporating scratch based coding and basic programming. Students work together in small groups to build and program various levels of robots, from working models of alligators, ferris wheels, drumming monkeys and more, to building and coding more complex creations. Students use the model for different purposes, experimenting with various programming techniques. These educational opportunities encourage students to develop broader communication and language skills through cross curricular projects.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 1st- 6th)

Whodunit? Young detectives will enter a world of mystery and mayhem as they try to solve a “crime”. They will learn how detectives solve cases and what strategies they can use to help. Stealth and saavy investigation will be important. Students will read, write, listen and "detect". Fingerprints, "blood" samples, footprints, DNA extraction and more will combine and leave some surprises in store. A special visit from a detective will give young investigators a sneak peek into the world of investigative police work and all that goes into solving real cases. Students will participate in a mystery to solve on the last camp day. Who will be the guilty one? Who will be the mole?

Pokemania (CLOSED)
(Entering grades 1st - 8th)

Campers will learn to draw pokemons, model with play doh, create Pokemon cards and characters, 3D print and more! This camp is full of positively Poke’ related STEM activities. Which animal kingdom does your favorite Pokemon belong too? Can you cook Pizza-chu? Can you create a chemical reaction with a pokeball? If your child likes all things Pokemon, this is the camp for you!

Minecraft: Zany Zoo! (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 1st – 8th)

Scientific American declared, "...not only is Minecraft immersive and creative, but it is an excellent platform for making almost any subject area more engaging." Enter a world of rules, parameters, levels and goals that require hard work, intense thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. AAALC uses this popular game to provide an academic setting for students. Zany Zoo will provide campers with the tools to build an incredible zoo! Planning, engineering and design will combine to provide students with the tools to create a one of a kind zoo through Minecraft, after studying how other zoos across the country are designed.