July 26-30: Robotics/Coding, CSI, Cake Decorating Course, Recycling Art Course & Farm-tastic STEAM Fun

Date: Fri, Jul 30, 2021, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jul 26-30, 2021

Category: Summer Camp

Robotics/Coding (Entering VPK-8th) (CLOSED) 

Robotics and coding are becoming critical parts of the lives of today's youth. Youth are being prepared for jobs that don't yet exist and need to be prepared to think, create and inspire! Robotics builds science, technology, engineering and math skills, providing students with real world experiences, which provides practice critically thinking about problems and solutions while developing programming skills and team building. AAALC robotics programs begin as young as kindergarten and encourage students to continue through high school and beyond. Robotics is a program provided based on the age and skill of the campers. It uses Spike Prime, EV3 and Lego Education WeDo™ materials to provide lessons incorporating scratch based coding and basic programming. Students work together in small groups to build and program various levels of robots. From building working models of alligators, ferris wheels, drumming monkeys and more to building and coding more complex creations. Once programmed, students use the model for different purposes, experimenting with programming techniques. These educational opportunities encourage students to develop broader communication and language skills through cross curricular projects.                        

CSI (Entering Grades 1st-8th) (CLOSED)

Whodunit? Young detectives will enter a world of mystery and mayhem as they try to solve a “crime”. They will learn how detectives solve cases and what strategies they can use to help. Stealth and saavy investigation will be important. Students will read, write, listen and "detect". Fingerprints, "blood" samples, footprints, DNA extraction and more will combine and leave some surprises in store. A special visit from a K9 friend may give young detectives a sneak peek into the world of investigative police work and all that goes into solving real cases. Note: Campers who sign up for this event will be given a character to portray. On the last day of camp, each child will come dressed as their character and participate to solve a mystery that will start as soon as they enter the room. Who will be the guilty one? Who will be the mole? Can you solve the mystery?                         

Cake Decorating Course (Entering Grades 2nd-4th) (CLOSED)

AAALC is putting the Arts in STEAM this summer. Have you ever heard the term "too pretty to eat"? Do you wonder how cake artists create such beautiful desserts? Campers will join a local cake artist Candi Keene of Keene Cakes to learn the skills needed to create detailed masterpieces, bringing home sweet treats as they learn the decorating techniques associated with the use of each tool. They will let their imaginations run wild as they put their skills to the test and learn the various ways art can feed the body and the mind! (There is an additional cost included in the camp fee to cover the extensive materials and supplies needed.)

Recycling Art Course (Entering Grades 1st-4th) (CLOSED)  

Assembling found objects into new projects can make great art! Campers will complete an artistic exploration of what our minds can create with everyday objects that are usually thrown away. Campers will complete various projects from concept to final product. This class takes the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to another level!                         

Farm-tastic STEAM Fun (Partnership: Camp held at Justin’ Time Stables) (Entering Grades K-7th)   (CLOSED)

AAALC will be "horsing around" with Justin' Time Stables this summer! Join us as we "partner" for a week long Summer Camp. Howdy Partners! Join us for a week of animal antics and related STEAM experiences! Students will work in small groups each with an assigned camp counselor. Certified teachers will create and direct learning stations that provide a variety of interactive experiences. The days will be filled with fishing, gardening, rustic art, horseback riding, fine feathered friends, rascally rabbits, portly pigs and much more. All activities focus on education and farmyard fun. Students will complete activities such as building and programing robots, unearth slimy creatures important to gardening and bring home a variety of crafty creations. Several expert guest speakers will visit the group throughout the week to share knowledge related to farming.                                                                

RSVPs for this event closed Friday, July 23, 2021 at 9:04 AM.

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