June 21-25: Engineering & Design, Magic School Bus-Polymers, Chemistry and Microscopes, Minecraft Education-Parkour & Coding Scratch-Roblox and Minecraft

Date: Fri, Jun 25, 2021, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jun 21-25, 2021

Category: Summer Camp

Engineering & Design (Entering Grades VPK-6th) (CLOSED)

Students will have various opportunities to engineer and design objects from model car engines to famous landmarks to marble runs to unique inventions all their own. They will take apart things to see how they work and put other things together to make them work. This camp will include a 3D print and design component as well as experiences with different materials which will allow for exploration of  reverse engineering to learn how things work. This is a favorite among campers        

Magic School Bus: Polymers, Chemistry & Microscopes (Entering Grades 1st-6th) (CLOSED)

Is your child a slime connoisseur? Does he know how to grow crystal spikes or make flubber? Can she create a bouncing ball or pull iron out of real cereal? Do they understand what cells are made of or how chemicals react to each other? Have they had the opportunity to explore different objects under a microscope? Young chemists will jump into the Magic School Bus with AAALC to discover the fascinating world of substances. Campers will identify things of which matter is composed, investigate their properties and the ways in which they interact, combine and change, and use the processes to form new substances. You never know what they’ll bring home each day!                        

Minecraft Education: Parkour (Entering Grades 1st-8th) (CLOSED)                                               

Scientific American declared, "...not only is Minecraft immersive and creative, but it is an excellent platform for making almost any subject area more engaging." Enter a world of rules, parameters, levels and goals that require hard work, intense thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. AAALC uses this popular game to provide an academic setting for students. Campers will take a trip that carries them along a route with various obstacles and paths. Jumping, climbing, running and other methods of movement will be key to discovering the way out. This camp will be a week filled with science, technology, engineering and math skills with surprised along the way!

Coding Scratch, Roblox and Minecraft (Entering Grades 4th-8th) (CLOSED)

Students joining this class will learn the history of computer programming and what coding is all about. They will be introduced to different computer “languages” and create an account on scratch.mit.edu that they will be able to use after the class is complete. As they explore the environment of scratch and each of the related elements, they will learn how to add sprites and backdrops. They will create blocks, loops and conditional code, adding sounds and music to a video or game. They will also begin working on coding for Minecraft and scripting within Roblox Lua or Studio. Campers will be saving and playing their own game creations by the end of the week!

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