July 20-24: Robotics, Etiquette, CSI & Video Game Design

Date: All day Fri, Jul 24, 2020

Recurs: Daily, Jul 20-24, 2020

Category: Summer Camp

Robotics/Coding (CLOSED)
(Entering PreK/K – 8th Grade)

Can your child build, code and program a variety of robots? Robotics and coding are becoming critical parts of the lives of today's youth. Youth are being prepared for jobs that don't yet exist and are learning to think, create and inspire! Robotics builds science, technology, engineering and math skills, providing students with real world experiences, which provides practice critically thinking about problems and solutions while developing programming skills and team building. AAALC robotics programs begin as young as VPK and encourage students to continue through high school and beyond.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CLOSED)
(Entering 1st-8th grade)

Whodunit? Young detectives will enter a world of mystery and mayhem as they try to solve a “crime”. They will learn how detectives solve cases and what strategies they can use to help. Stealth and saavy investigation will be important. Students will read, write, listen and "detect". Fingerprints, "blood" samples, footprints, DNA extraction and more will combine and leave some surprises in store. A special visit from a K9 friend will give young detectives a sneak peek into the world of investigative police work and all that goes into solving real cases. Note: Campers who sign up for this event will be given a character to portray. On the last day of camp, each child will come dressed as their character and participate to solve a mystery that will start as soon as they enter the room. Who will be the guilty one? Who will be the mole? Can you solve the mystery?

Video Game Design (CLOSED)
(Entering 1st-8th grade)

Is your child interested in creating their own video games? Does your child have an imagination that can take them anywhere? Would you like them to be able to continue their work after camp is over? Join AAALC for an incredible camp week that will continue long after it’s over. Campers will use computer technology to build and design their own video games. They will begin by creating characters and settings and will continue by telling their stories through a game board that is brought to life with technology, transforming learning from the paper and putting the final product into the hands of campers. They will learn to use this tool at the Center and can continue at home, long after camp is over. The possibilities are endless!

Etiquette (CLOSED)
(Entering 3rd – 8th ) (P.M. only)

Manners are critical to your child’s success both socially and professionally. This interactive week-long camp will introduce children to essential manners and important social skills to increase their confidence in any situation. Daily activities will include role play, discussion, hands-on activities and more. Topics will be covered in a fun, engaging manner and will teach campers lessons on: Posture, Confidence, Handshakes, Eye Contact, Grooming, Attire, Sportsmanship, Digital Diplomacy, Parties/Playdates, Invitation, Host/Guest Relations, Thank You Notes, Table Manners and more…

Important Notice: Camps fill up quickly. If registration options aren’t open for specific selections, then they are not available. Contact 341-1400 to be placed on a Waiting List. Cancellations requested more than two weeks prior to camp will incur a $35 cancellation fee. Cancellations within two weeks of camp may not be refunded unless there is a camper on the Waiting List. A $35 cancellation fee will still be applied. Extended Day is available by calling the office at 341-1400 to request to be placed on the list. There is an additional $5 charge for each day. Regular camp hours for students entering 1st-8th grade are from 9:00am-3:30pm with Extended Day services offered from 8:30am-5:15pm. PreK/K student hours differ slightly.

RSVPs for this event closed Monday, July 13, 2020 at 12:00 AM.

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