Freaky Friday: Robotics, Minecraft Education & Stop Motion Movie Making

Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2017, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Recurs: Weekly on Fri, Feb 3 to Mar 31, 2017

Seven Week Courses:      $159.00

Session 2       Friday, February 3 to Friday, March 31            6:30pm - 8:30pm   
  (No classes will be held March 10 or 17)

Note: Session 1 & 2 content will differ for Mad Science and Minecraft Education.

Grades K - 3 Participants will build a variety of robotic designs and create computer code to make them move and emit sound. Exposure to different types of robots, creations and technology will enhance each child's experience. All participants will design several different robots, some of which the child can take home and enjoy.

Minecraft Education  
Grades 3 - 7  (Fall)
Grades 2 - 7  (Spring)

Scientific American declared, "...not only is Minecraft immersive and creative, but it is an excellent platform for making almost any subject area more engaging." Enter a world of rules,  parameters, levels and goals that require hard work, intense thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Minecraft Education uses the popular game to provide an academic setting for students. Centering around themes, each seven week course will provide students with the opportunity to utilize a variety of reading, writing, listening, speaking, technology, social studies, math and science skills to work together toward an objective or goal. Students will enter the world of Minecraft with an instructor and classroom peers. Their adventures will continue each week within the same Minecraft world. Various other one time special Minecraft events will be offered throughout the year. 

Stop Motion Movie Making
Grades 2 - 7

Get ready to direct your very own stop motion animated movie. Writers, directors and producers, ages 8 and up, will produce their own movie by:

·         writing a script
·         creating a storyboard
·         developing characters
·         filming
·         editing

Stop Motion is an animation technique in which students create movies using different objects or characters. Students take a series of still photos, moving their characters based on the script and storyboard they created. The photos are put together and played, adding sound and special effects, to create a moving film. Students are paired to work in teams and create their own movie from start to finish.

AAALC Stop Motion participants can choose from several stop motion animated characters that include Lego figures, clay figures and Minecraft characters. This activity develops a variety of STEM skills. All materials, hardware, software and cameras are provided.

Movie Making is one of the most complex and involved processes students can complete. From idea to movie involves brainstorming, planning, storyboard, writing, illustration, digital animation, editing, sound and more! AAALC will show your young producer, director and writer how movies are made from start to finish. Better yet, let them complete their own movie! Campers will use clay, Legos or other materials to create characters and design backdrops, ultimately producing their own animated movie. 

Please Note: These classes fill up quickly and typically have a waiting list. A $40 Cancellation Fee will be charged for any cancellation occurring less than two weeks prior to the start of class.

This event ended Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

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