May 30-June 2: Pioneer Days-Survival of the Fittest, Cake Decorating & Array of Arts and Crafts

Date: Tue, May 30, 2023, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Recurs: Daily, May 30 to Jun 2, 2023

Category: Summer Camp

Pioneer Days: Survival of the Fittest! (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 1st – 6th) 
Location: 8251 SW Citrus Blvd. Palm City
You are flying to an exotic location for a great summer vacation! Your plane has difficulties and you need to parachute into the forest to get out safely. Now that you’ve landed, what do you do? How do you find things in your environment that will help you survive? What is the first thing you should do? You may find a suitcase in the forest with basic survival items that your plane has! What can you use and how? Students will spend their week immersed in ancient arts and modern techniques to utilize natural resources and survive in the wild. This hands-on experience will teach important survival skills and how to take care of yourself in an emergency situation with limited resources in order to meet basic needs. How do you build an adequate shelter? How do you locate water and purify it if necessary? How does friction help start a fire? What tools are essential for survival and how can you make them with what is found in nature? Your student will have indoor and outdoor educational learning opportunities that will help them become familiar with several important survival techniques. Interact with a variety of animals and become one with nature while you test your limits! This camp is held OFF SITE at 8251 SW Citrus Blvd located in Palm City. 
Pioneer Days: Cake Decorating Course & Array of Arts & Crafts (CLOSED - call office to be placed on the waitlist)
(Entering Grades 3rd - 8th) 
9am-12pm Cake Decorating/12pm-3pm Array of Arts & Crafts
Location: 8251 SW Citrus Blvd. Palm City
AAALC is putting the Arts in STEAM this summer. Have you ever heard the term "too pretty to eat"? Do you wonder how cake artists create such beautiful desserts? Campers will join a local cake artist Candi Keene of Keene Cakes to learn the skills needed to create detailed masterpieces, bringing home sweet treats as they learn the decorating techniques associated with the use of each tool. They will let their imaginations run wild as they put their skills to the test and learn the various ways art can feed the body and the mind! In the afternoon, campers learn how to make soap, jewelry,string art, paper mache and much more as they discover the beauty of working with their hands to create unique things. Campers will take home their final projects to share with family and friends. Please do not register for this camp if your child has food allergies that will be dangerous to participation. This camp is held OFF SITE at 8251 SW Citrus Blvd in Palm City. (There is an additional cost included in the camp fee to cover materials and supplies.

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