July 15-July 19: Chaotic Chemistry, Superhero Science, Pokemania, Minecraft Hero v Villain & STEAM Into History

Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2024, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jul 15-19, 2024

Category: Summer Camp

July 15 – July 19

Chaotic Chemistry (Entering Grades PreK - 6th)
What is peanut butter without jelly? Why can't oil and water get along? Did Kermit and Miss Piggy ever fall in love? Students will discover the explosive combinations that result when chemistry is at work. What substances create something new and different? Which ones don't like each other? Put on your goggles and lab coats and prepare for lots of excitement!

Superhero Science (Entering Grades PreK - 6th)

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Conjure a magic potion, freeze a block of ice, whip up a super storm and study super strength! Ride air currents with Wonder Woman and uncover the secrets of the ocean with Aquaman! Create cool gizmos and gadgets with Batman or discover how fast things can move with Flash. Uncover the science behind the powers of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man and more as great science defeats evil villains!       

Pokemania (Entering grades 1st - 8th)

Campers will learn to draw Pokémon, model with play doh, create Pokémon cards and characters, 3D print and more! This camp is full of positively Poke’ related STEM activities. Which animal kingdom does your favorite Pokémon belong too? Can you cook Pizza-chu? Can you create a chemical reaction with a poke ball? If your child likes all things Pokémon, this is the camp for you!

Minecraft Education: Hero v Villain (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Campers will take a trip that carries them through various settings where they will play the hero or the villain in worlds created and saved (or destroyed) by them! It will be a battle of epic proportions!

STEAM Into History! (Entering Grades 3rd - 8th)

Campers can jump in our time machine and join us for a ride through history! Do you have a child who loves all things history? Join us on an adventure as students study the pyramids and then build one. Learn about Alexander Graham Bell and build a working telephone. Create a water wheel after understanding colonial America. Ride on a pirate ship then help build a peg leg! Campers will enjoy relating some of the most interesting events of the past to cool STEAM projects.

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