June 10-June 14: Jr Jedi, Sensational Science, Minecraft Survival, Robotics/Coding & Pokemania

Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2024, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jun 10-14, 2024

Category: Summer Camp

Junior Jedi Training (Entering Grades PreK – 4th)

Join your fellow Padawans as they embark on a journey far off in the Galaxy training to become a Jedi.  Each day campers will be challenged to complete Star Wars: The Last Jedi VI, inspired missions that will earn them Jedi status. Padawans will design and build their own lightsabers to complete a mission. They will create a BB-8 or R2D2 robot and dozens of other creative theme-based projects. May the force be with you!

Sensational Science (Entering Grades PreK - 6th)

Does your child love Science and Engineering? Does she love to build? Does he have an endless imagination? Young scientists will become familiar with the science in their everyday world. Through aerodynamics they will experiment with a variety of flight challenges. They will learn how physics can be fun as they build roller coaster designs and marble mazes. An understanding of how mixtures create shocking results will be developed as they study chemistry through erupting volcanoes, baking soda rockets and more. Campers will become familiar with the critical role robotics plays in their world as they use LEGO robotics kits to design and program bots to complete simple tasks and solve real-world problems. This and more create a sensational week!

Minecraft: Parkour Survival Mode (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Minecraft Education: Parkour Survival Mode will provide campers with the challenges of surviving in the wild! Planning, engineering and design will combine to give students with the tools to create a one-of-a-kind shelter and community in rough terrain under difficult circumstances all within the world of Minecraft!

Robotics/Coding (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Robotics and coding are becoming critical parts of the lives of today's youth. Youth are being prepared for jobs that don't yet exist and need to be able to think, create and inspire! Robotics builds science, technology, engineering and math skills, providing students with real world experiences. Campers will practice thinking critically about problems and solutions while developing programming skills and team building. AAALC robotics programs begin as young as kindergarten and encourage students to continue through high school and beyond.

Pokemania (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Campers will learn to draw Pokémon, model with play doh, create Pokémon cards and characters, 3D print and more! This camp is full of positively Poke’ related STEM activities. Which animal kingdom does your favorite Pokémon belong too? Can you cook Pizza-chu? Can you create a chemical reaction with a poke ball? If your child likes all things Pokémon, this is the camp for you!

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