June 3-June 7: It's Alive!, Gross Science, Minecraft Animal Antics, Swifties In Our Summer Era & Web/Graphic Design

Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2024, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jun 3-7, 2024

Category: Summer Camp

June 3 – June 7

It’s Alive! (Entering Grades PreK - 6th)

Lions, tigers and bears....not quite! But young scientists can join AAALC for some animal antics as they explore the world of live animals. This STEAM program integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math activities while working with fuzzy, furry, scaly, wet and slithery creatures. Young mathematicians may measure distance as they jump like frogs while budding entomologists observe how strong the smallest creatures of the earth can be! Older campers will experience more advanced science processes and be provided with opportunities to experiment with dissection and animal adaptations. Activities and animals will vary each day. Please be aware that children will be interacting with live animals at each session.

Gross Science (Entering Grades PreK - 6th)

Can you see the germs that grow when we don’t brush our teeth or wash our hands? Do you know how bugs protect themselves? Campers should expect a week of icky, sticky, gooey, slimy, dripping, digging while handling some truly gross science. Beware of blood curdling ews and groaning uggs as we get dirty discovering the disgusting, albeit fascinating, science that surrounds us! 

Minecraft Education: Animal Antics (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Minecraft Education: Animal Antics will provide campers with the tools to build an incredible zoo! Planning, engineering and design will combine to provide students with the tools to create a one-of-a-kind zoo, after studying how other zoos across the country are designed.                        

In Our Summer Era (Swifties Welcome!) (Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

This camp won’t be as iconic as the woman who inspired it, but it will provide loyal Swifties with some amazing experiences, friendships and knowledge that builds an understanding of art, writing, music, science and more! Campers will be grouped by age level to dive deep into this “enchanted” week. Join us to create a mood board, get bedazzled, bling out some cool clothing, make a personal journal and of course, create friendship bracelets. Through a focus on all things Taylor, this program will also teach campers how to journal feelings and ideas, develop their art and understand poetry, writing, lyrics and more through critical thinking and reading skills. Campers may find their own inspiration!

Website and Graphic Design (Entering Grades 4th - 8th)

Campers will develop design skills and make a range of graphic designs, building business cards, posters, flyers, logos, animated videos, their website and much more! Campers will learn to create their own website, understand how a website works internally, and identify the elements and main pages of web design. Students will learn to create a website using Google Sites, adding pictures, templates and titles. This will include working with hyperlinks, blogs, photos, images and gifs to create a more elaborate product.  Web design and technology is a vital skill that is becoming critical to future success. Campers will be able to take what they learn and expand on concepts independently after camp is over.

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