June 19-23: Magical Disney, Junior Jedi, Minecraft & Video Game Design

Date: Mon, Jun 19, 2023, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Recurs: Daily, Jun 19-23, 2023

Category: Summer Camp

Main Campus
Located at 43 SW Monterey Road  Stuart

The Magical World of Disney (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades PreK - 6th)

Build Elsa’s castle and Moana’s canoe to withstand a storm! Engineer an underwater escape route for Ariel, mix potions for Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6 and create a roadster for Mickey Mouse! How do roller coasters work? Can you build one? Campers will join us as we STEAM into the wonderful world of all things Disney and discover some of the secrets behind the magic. Campers will take virtual tours and learn some tricks they use to create the magic!

Junior Jedi Training: May the Force Be With You (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 1st – 4th)

Join your fellow Padawans as they embark on a journey far far off in the Galaxy training to become a Jedi.  Each day campers will be challenged to complete Star Wars: The Last Jedi VI, inspired missions that will earn them Jedi status. Padawans will design and build their own lightsabers to complete a mission. They will create a BB-8 or R2D2 robot and dozens of other creative theme based projects.

Minecraft Education: Hero v Villain (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 1st - 8th)

Scientific American declared, "...not only is Minecraft immersive and creative, but it is an excellent platform for making almost any subject area more engaging." Enter a world of rules, parameters, levels and goals that require hard work, intense thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. AAALC uses this popular game to provide an academic setting for students. Campers will take a trip that carries them through various settings where they will play the hero or the villain in worlds created and saved (or destroyed) by them! It will be a battle of epic proportions!

Video Game Design (CLOSED)
(Entering Grades 4th - 8th)

Is your child interested in creating their own video games? Does your child have an imagination that can take them anywhere? Would you like them to be able to expand on their work after completing camp? Join AAALC for an incredible week that will continue long after it is over. Campers will use computer technology to build and design their own video games. Students are grouped by age level and provided with different formats in which to learn based on age. They will begin by creating characters and settings and will continue by telling their stories through a game board that is brought to life with technology, transforming learning from the paper and putting the final product into the hands of campers. The possibilities are endless!

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