Bridges Montessori Robotics Program

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Who? Bridges Students-Grades K-4
What? Lego WeDo Robotics
When? Tuesdays, January 23 – February 27   3:30pm - 4:30pm
Where? Bridges Montessori Campus
Why? STEM Programs that include engineering, coding and other skills are critical to student success, engaging them through mental, tactile and social challenges involving critical thinking skills and teamwork. 

January 23:  What is a Weebot?

Students will discover what a Weebot is and the basics of LEGO robotics.  They will meet two of our favorite LEGO characters, Max and Mia, and will learn some new scientific vocabulary along the way.  Students will build and program a very HUNGRY ALLIGATOR—or is it a crocodile?  Compare/Contrast skills will be tested in this fun filled day of discovery.

January 30: It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No, it’s a WEEBOT!

Students will begin today’s class by building the DANCING BIRDS.  They will research and discover more about real life examples of birds that dance.  Additionally, they’ll build and program the FLAPPING BIRD and will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the two Weebots.  

February 6: Mysterious Mammals

Today is all about mammals!  Students will build and program the ROARING LION and the DRUMMING MONKEY.  We’ll explore the attributes of mammals and decipher what makes a mammal.  We will also get to take a quick look into musical instruments and learn a little more about drums and the different beats we can create with our drumming monkey.

February 13: Transportation Station

Today, students will build and program AIRPLANE RESCUE and SAILBOAT STORM.  We will use the airplane to discover the mechanics of an airplane’s engine and how it would react in multiple situations.  We will then have the opportunity to build and program a boat that rocks back and forth as though it were in rough seas.  Pending ability and willingness, student may have time to create their own transportation Weebot today!

February 20: Let’s play a game!

She shoots and scores! Today students will create a soccer game with their Weebots!  Some will build the GOAL KEEPER.  Some will build the GOAL KICKER.  Others will build the CHEERING FANS.  You do not want to miss this epic soccer game!  We will also test the kicker’s ability to kick the “ball” on different surfaces.  After our epic soccer game, students will have the chance to build anything they wish!  Groups will be able to go back and build any of the projects they didn’t get to do, or they can design and program a Weebot of their own.  Creativity is key!

February 27: We’re not LION, Weebots is FUN!

Students can build their own creation or work on a lion that will stand up and roar! Students will use all they’ve learned about coding, tilt, sensor, gears and engineering to create and design their own unique robot or they can create the king of the jungle and give it different characteristics based on unique codes created by them!